Yartu; is a cutting-edge company that develops web-based, integrated collaborative working environments for individual and corporate customers. Founded in Turkey in 2017, the company provides exclusive services to public institutions and organizations, municipalities, universities, the private sector and individuals regardless of their location. Yartu Block Suite product started its activities in Estonia in 2022 under the name Yartu Information Technologies O.Ü. Yartu's founding philosophy is data security and integrity. Developing products in line with this philosophy, Yartu; While enabling users to benefit from the opportunities provided by cloud computing, develops integrated cloud application solutions that allow users to store their data in their own data centers or in a preferable environment.

Yartu is focused on developing projects that combine its experience and strength in cloud systems with blockchain technology. Yartu Block Suite (YBS), which combines the corporate services offered on Yartu with the blockchain framework; aims to provide a base that will meet the needs of individual and corporate customers.

With Yartu Suite, one of the products developed by the Yartu company; thanks to its simple and user-friendly interfaces, you can easily send and receive e-mails, share your files under the settings you specify, view and edit your office documents via web browsers without any software license, easily carry out project management processes, store your user information in a directory, and hold video conferences. It offers a safe working environment where you can set up and track your work on the calendar.

Yartu Suite is an integrated application platform that can run On-Premise on public/private cloud computing infrastructure or existing servers of institutions. Yartu Suite, which can easily work on physical and virtual servers; With its user-friendly interface, it can provide fast and uninterrupted service all users. Yartu Suite also offers multi-language support to users.

Yartu Company, which equips its Yartu Suite product with blockchain technology, aims to enable users to benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology while using a corporate product with Yartu Block Suite. Users will be able to make use of all available services anonymously, while at the same time guaranteeing the originality and ownership of the content produced.

On Yartu Block Suite, users will be able to log in to the system and benefit from all services anonymously with the private key and public address they have defined on the blockchain network. In order to benefit from the services, it will be sufficient to create an account on the blockchain network. Users will be able to access all these services through their web browser and mobile applications. Yartu Block Suite application will also have a wallet feature. Thus, in addition to all the services used, users will be able to send and receive crypto assets. Services such as file sharing, sending and receiving e-mails can be used with the public address of the user on the blockchain network. In addition to the open address on the blockchain network, users will be able to benefit from these services with nicknames that they can define and their mobile phone numbers on the mobile wallet.

On the platform, users will be able to send e-mails to not only Yartu Block Suite users but also external e-mail servers. Addresses such as "publicadres@domain" will be used for external e-mails and incoming e-mails will be forwarded to the user's inbox. In addition, e-mails that come in the form of "alias@domain" and "cellphone@domain" will also be converted to an open address and forwarded to the relevant inbox. In addition, with a feature to be added to the user interface, e-mails sent can be signed with a private key. Hence, the real sender of the e-mail can be easily verified, similar to PGP.

The authenticity and ownership of every data created on the platform will be guaranteed throughout the entire lifecycle of the data. From the moment the data is first created on the platform, the file hash value in all changes will be stored on the blockchain network. The user will be able to register the ownership information of the last revision to the blockchain network at any time with a single click. File ownership can be proved by uploading a file or hash value through an interface to be developed. Similar to e-mail, alias, mobile phone or full address can be used for instant file editing and file sharing on the platform. The file will be downloaded and the full address of the file owner can be verified via the link that will be created when sharing files with external users.

Users will be able to convert the files they have created or uploaded on the platform to an NFT with a single click. In addition, the minted NFTs will be easily offered for sale on the YARTU NFT market.

Access to and sharing of Note, Project, Conference applications, which will be offered similarly to the services on the platform, will also be made anonymously with open addresses and private keys. In addition to all these services, more services are to be added to the platform, such as selling the files produced on Yartu and signing critical files before viewing by the shared person (NDA).

Yartu is constantly developing as it follows technological trends closely and continues to use its strength and potential in developing new applications. In line with this goal, the advantage brought by the blockchain technology with the Yartu Block Suite will be evaluated within the scope of using a token-based product with a business model. Thus, while end users will be able to make transactions with the YARTU token in order to benefit from these services, investors will have the opportunity to get a share of the profit that will be created by the value that users will add to the token through benefit-oriented transactions.

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